A while later, I discussed my martial arts past and lack of direction with my good friend, Go-jo Ryu 4th Dan, Sensei Jim McEvoy. His advice to me? That the journey may be hard, but I should persevere and pass on to others some of the things I had learned. At the time, I didn't see myself as a teacher! There was still so much for me to learn.
I found a local Wing Tsun Kung Fu school, and trained for four years, reaching the grade required to instruct others. But my love of martial arts doesn't mean I enjoy the politics of a big organisation, and I became disillusioned with the 'money first' attitude around me.
I was invited to attend a 2 day Krav Maga course by Sensei Jim McEvoy at his martial arts club. This was my first meeting with Stewart McGill, and the first time I tried a 'Reality Based' Self Defence system. It was inspirational, showing simple techniques to deal with any size opponent, and deal with modern weapons. Knives, bottles, baseball bats, machetes, guns... Krav Maga deals with them all, as well as unarmed defences.
I trained under Commando Krav Maga's founder, Moni Aizik, and qualified to teach here in Brighton. After reaching Instructor level 3, I decided not to continue in the system. I felt that some of the techniques taught in their international syllabus had little relevance to the type of assaults commonly faced here in the UK. And so City Krav Maga was formed...


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